Charles George

Daniel horowitz

• Creative Director at Cornerstone Creative Studios.
• Editor/Co-founder at Continue Play.
• Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and University of
   Oxford, Wadham College.

• Wordsmith at various publications.
• Independent Comic Book Creator

A few of Dan’s published pieces:
‘American Eagle’, ‘Victor Champion’, Kur Of The Nexus (one shot)
                                        – Cornerstone Creative Studios
‘Bread & Roses’             – Arcana Press
Steampunk Originals Vol. 3 ‘Every Man Dies Alone’, ‘The Wisdom of Fools anthology ‘Prince of the Gold Hunters’
                                        – 5th Dimension Comics
The Wisdom of Fools anthology ‘Ye and All That Will Live Godly’
                                        – Grayhaven Comics, The Gathering anthology

cover pencils

interior pencils