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With over 100 studio members, we’re offer versatility, fit any budget and bring the best we can do at all times.


All our team members are highly qualified, trained, skilled and experienced. We have over 40 years of experience under our belts, having worked for large number of publishers.

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Our prices are both fair and affordable for most needs. We offer a range of prices to meet your budgets.

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We offer bulk discounts for purchasing multiple commissions, prints, comics and any other merchandise you may desire, we also offer group commission prices when hiring multiple studio members for your project.


Cornerstone Creative Studios is a comic book publisher and talent organization with over 40 years of experience and professional credits under our collective belts at comic book and gaming companies that include Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Games Workshop, Capcom, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast and more, we have seen and done about everything there is to do in the comic book industry. We have now set our sights on publishing our own line of innovative superhero titles that serve to break down barriers and expose readers to a new type of storytelling.


Cornerstone Creative Studios has been around the industry in multiple incarnations, originally as Cadre Corner Studios and now in it’s new format and brand name.  Cadre Corner Studios produced artwork for companies all over the industry and then in 2007, published their own 40 page anthology: Cornerstone #1. This anthology consisted of multiple short stories that would help highlight and show off what the studio members could do both on their own and potentially for others as well.  It was pretty well received and thus we decided to continue that effort to do another issue.  However, as things would have it, number two didn’t get the push or even the proper print run it should have due to the president of the company taking a hiatus from the company, which resulted in the studio disbanding… leaving issue two in the wings. NOW, we proudly bring back those tales of old, those entertaining stories from the past into today day and age and audience.  We are relaunch that old Cornerstone 1 as well as Cornerstone 2… available here through the Cornerstone Creative Studios website.
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